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Wireless Killcord !


CoastKey works as a wireless engine kill switch. If the driver falls overboard, the communication between the boat and driver is disrupted, the engine will stop immediately and the signal beacon is activated. In addition the existing killcord can still be used alongside the CoastKey.


CoastKey is a great looking wireless device worn as a pendant around the neck or clipped to clothing. This allows the driver to safely move about on board, without the need to be leashed to the console.


CoastKey also acts as an immobiliser. This is automatically activated when the ignition is switched off.


CoastKey has several other incredibly smart and useful features. You can start, stop and tilt the engine at a push of a button and up to 15m away from the boat.


Several major UK insurance companies have approved the CoastKey product for it’s engine immobilizer function and offer discounts on their premiums.

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