February 14th, 2022


We can now lift your boat, your car, your boxes or your building materials with our fully licensed crane and qualified crew!Read More

We are building!
November 26th, 2020

It’s started at last!
The old “shed” has gone, the quay is cleared. Concrete will be poured and then we can really start.
Have a peep at the free webcam to see how we are getting on!
Of course we are still open for business from our temporary headquarters in the Inner Harbour.Read More

Jaltest Marine Diagnostics
August 18th, 2017

We now have the full  JALTEST Marine diagnostic software. We can diagnose inboards and outboards, saving you time and money. Call for a booking today!Read More

Marine Diagnostics
December 8th, 2016

Marine Diagnostics

Marine Diagnostics

We are proud to announce we can now carry out computer diagnostics on compatible engines, drives and associated systems.
We are the first to offer JALTEST diagnostics in Europe. The system has proved successful in the US.
Volvo Penta is among the many inboard makes we can connect to. Many other manufacturers of inboard and outboards can be connected.
We can test individual sensors, saving time and money. It takes the “try it and see if works” out of the diagnosis.
We can carry out diagnostics whether the vessel is afloat or ashore.
Feel free to book your diagnostic report on 01481-822772.Read More

Rock Oil Marine
October 12th, 2015

Mainbrayce Ltd.  Are proud to announce that we are the Channel Islands distributor for Rock Oil Marine products.Read More

Wireless Killcord !
March 2nd, 2014


CoastKey works as a wireless engine kill switch. If the driver falls overboard, the communication between the boat and driver is disrupted, the engine will stop immediately and the signal beacon is activated. In addition the existing killcord can still be used alongside the CoastKey.


CoastKey is a great looking wireless device worn as a pendant around the neck or clipped to clothing. This allows the driver to safely move about on board, without the need to be leashed to the console.


CoastKey also acts as an immobiliser. This is automatically activated when the ignition is switched off.

Latest News 20/07/2013
July 20th, 2013

Well, new Tohatsu sales are going well. The two stroke 9.8hp & 3.5hp especially. We delivered six to the U.K. last week alone!Read More


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